Special Sessions

 Program Special Sessions

IT Vision in Asia "Beyond 5G, paving a path toward 6G"

  • Akihiro Nakao
    Monday, November 8
    Software-Defined Beyond 5G Akihiro Nakao The University of Tokyo
  • Tzong-Lin Wu Marching toward 6G: National Research Program in Taiwan Tzong-Lin Wu National Taiwan University
  • Zhisheng Niu A Perspective of China’s 6G Researches Zhisheng Niu Tsinghua University
  • Dong Ku Kim Public-Private 6G Lifetime Collaboration in Korea Dong Ku Kim 5G Forum (Yonsei University)

IT Vision in Asia Sub-committee Chair/Co-chair

  • Kazuko Nishimura, Chair Panasonic Corporation
  • Minjae Lee, Co-Chair Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology