Special Sessions

 Program Special Sessions

ESSCIRC Joint Session

  • Huajun Zhang
    Tuesday, November 9
    A −109.1 dB/−98 dB THD/THD+N Chopper Class-D Amplifier with >83.7 dB PSRR Over the Entire Audio Band Huajun Zhang Delft Univ of Technology
  • Anirudh Kankuppe A 67mW D-Band FMCW I/Q Radar Receiver with an N-Path Spillover Notch Filter in 28nm CMOS Anirudh Kankuppe Imec / Free University of Brussels
  • Oscar Castaneda A Resolution-Adaptive 8mm2 9.98Gb/S 39.7pJ/B 32-Antenna All-Digital Spatial Equalizer for mmWave Massive MU-MIMO in 65nm CMOS Oscar Castaneda ETH Zurich
  • Amir Bozorg A Charge-Rotating IIR Filter with Linear Interpolation and High Stop-Band Rejection Amir Bozorg UC Dublin
  • Gregory Cooke 200-GS/S ADC Front-End Employing 25% Duty Cycle Quadrature Clock Generator Gregory Cooke Univ of Toronto

IT Vision in Asia Sub-committee Chair/Co-chair

  • Robert Chen-Hao Chang, Chair National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan
  • Giovanni Mangraviti, Co-Chair IMEC, Belgium